Bob's Music Notation Service
                                                                                                P. O. Box 266
                                                                                            Celina, Ohio 45822

Dear Musician / Music Composer / Director / Arranger / Teacher,

I'd like to tell you about my music transposing, printing, copying & rewrite service in hope that I might help make your job easier this year.

Do you need music transposed to a better key? I will print clear, correct scores or parts that you (or your students) can easily read. I've
worked with vocalists, choirs, marching, concert and jazz bands, orchestras and percussion groups. I received parts from one school and
was able to create flute and bass parts that were missing. A church choir had an arrangement that was too high, and the accompanist could
not transpose well. I lowered it and solved their problems. I made a string quartet score from parts and have worked with full orchestras
and percussion groups.

1. Do you need me to design "lead" sheets or copy your piano music to a better key?
2. Permanently out of print solo and ensemble music with missing parts or scores can be fixed.
3  I can rewrite concert or contest music to make up for incomplete instrumentation.
4. A lowered or raised key change can help the choir or soloist be more comfortable.
5  I can supply missing parts for your favorite out-of-print Warhorse (or Jazz chart) if you send me a score.
6. Original arrangement(s) you want to sell or have published can be made to look professional.

The FINALE music notation software is very complete but it takes time to learn. I'm sure that you can equal my efforts IF YOU HAVE
THE TIME! I will always try for quick turn around service (often within 24-48 hours). Charges will be determined by the length of the
music + the degree of difficulty. I will gladly give you an estimate. COSTS ARE VERY LIKELY MUCH LESS THAN YOU WOULD
EXPECT. Just send me sheet music, a score or parts and let me help you or your students have a better year!

Bob Loughrige: Music Ed., Masters Degree in Music and 30 years as a music educator
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